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Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver with gemstones Available with smoky quartz or sapphire... more
  • Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver with gemstones
  • Available with smoky quartz or sapphire quartz in AAA quality
  • Square, classic design
  • Setting in 925 Sterling Silver, nickel free

The sparkling stone shines multi-faceted and makes the earring a special piece of jewellery and perfects every outfit!

Since the earrings are 100% handmade and the stones are of high quality, each piece of jewellery is unique and can differ slightly from the photos. These classic earrings with the beautiful square gemstone - either in smooth quartz or sapphire quartz - are made of genuine 925 sterling silver. The ear jewellery sets stylish accents and is suitable for all occasions - in the restaurant, at parties, in the office, etc. Each setting and each stone was designed by hand by artisans and designers, which makes each piece unique. The pretty black jewellery bag made of 100 % cotton with white pearls gives the real jewellery in the exclusive box a luxurious look - individually or as a set ideal as a gift.

  • Length of the earrings: approx. 3 cm
  • Size of the gemstones: approx. 1,6 cm x 1,6 cm
  • Gemstones: Smoky quartz (Hydro) or sapphire quartz (Hydro) in AAA quality
  • Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Nickel-free
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