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BUBBLE BRUSH Electric children's sonic toothbrush

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Sonic toothbrush in colourful design, LED & music for children Illuminated brush head to check... more

Sonic toothbrush in colourful design, LED & music for children

  • Illuminated brush head to check the teeth
  • Different music while brushing teeth
  • 2 minutes timer + 30 seconds interval for 4-quadrants
  • Excellent sonic technology reliably cleans children's teeth
  • Waterproof according to IPX5

Thanks to its advanced technology and playful design, the BUBBLE BRUSH makes brushing your teeth a pleasure!

The BUBBLE BRUSH toothbrush with sonic technology and coloured LED in the shape of a dolphin makes brushing your teeth a child's play and trains the daily routine of correct oral hygiene!

Made of non-toxic ABS nylon brushes allow for very efficient cleaning with 22,000 brush head movements per minute. To prevent children from accessing the batteries, the protective device offers an additional safety feature: the batteries can only be inserted and removed by an adult, with the supplied screwdriver

BUBBLE BRUSH guarantees the tooth cleaning time recommended by the dentist thanks to the automatic 2-minute timer. Also, the 30-second interval reminds you to clean every part of your mouth.

The attractive wave-shaped holder for the dolphin-shaped electric toothbrush completes the design.


1. The brush should be slightly inclined against the teeth in relation to the gums.

2. The LED lights up in white when you press the start button. The timer is set to 30 sec. Pressing the start button again turns off the white LED and the toothbrush handle lights up in different colours. In addition to the lighting effect, BUBBLE BRUSH also plays music throughout the brushing process.

3. After pressing the on/off switch, the brush head must be moved on the teeth for 10 seconds with small movements from bottom to top, each tooth section (front and rear and molar surface). Every 30 seconds, the BUBBLE BRUSH reminds you to change the areas of the teeth to be cleaned using the 30-second interval function, vibrating the unit.

Product information:

  • Colour: pink, blue or green
  • Non-slip
  • Dolphin-shaped, suitable for children
  • Running time: 60 days to brush your teeth twice a day
  • Brush head: nylon soft bristle brush
  • Power consumption: 1 W
  • Safety thanks to the battery compartment with protective cover to prevent children from removing the batteries
  • Batteries not included


  • Product dimensions: 3 x 3 x 18,8cm
  • Article weight: 41 g
  • Material composition: Handle: 100% plastic, Brush: 80% plastic, 20% nylon
  • Power: 3
  • Battery technology: 1_5_V_micro_lr03
  • Brushheads: incl. 8x brush heads
  • Cleaning technology: Sonic technology
  • Brush Sensor Toothbrush: vibration sensor
  • Type toothbrush technology: Sonic: vibrating
  • Type of power supply: Battery
  • Kind of Charger: Battery operated
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Timer Functions: 2 Minute Timer, 4 Quadrant Timer, Musical TImer
  • Intensity levels: intermediate
  • Cleaning programs: Clean
  • Features Toothbrushes: Easy-Start-Programm, High-speed vibrators, integrated music timer
  • Number of batteries / rechargeable batteries: 2
  • Number of pulsation movements / minute: 22000
  • Number of attachment brushes: 8
  • Number of cleaning programs: 1

Package contents

  • Children sonic toothbrush BUBBLE BRUSH
  • 8x brush heads
  • Wavy holder
  • Screwdriver
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Für welches Alter ist die BUBBLE BRUSH Schallzahnbürste geeignet?

Für welches Alter ist die BUBBLE BRUSH Schallzahnbürste geeignet?

Wir empfehlen die Anwendung ab 3 Jahren. Da die Zahnbürste eine Sicherheitsvorkehrung hat (die Batterie ist nur mit Schraubendreher zugänglich), kann sie zum Spielen auch für kleinere Kinder verwendet werden. Im transparenten Bürstenkopf ist noch eine Taschenlampenfunktion integriert, um alle Zähne gut kontrollieren zu können. Die BUBBLE BRUSH ist somit für jedes Alter geeignet, aber ideal für das Alter von 3-10 Jahren. Der Bürstenkopf ist klein und für Teenager empfehlen wir daher die SHINE BRIGHT Schallzahnbürste. 

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Customer evaluation for "BUBBLE BRUSH Electric children's sonic toothbrush"
3 Jan 2023


Wir haben die Zahnbürste zu Weihnachten bekommen. Leider ist sie meinem Sohn aus der Hand gefallen und dabei ist das Verbindungsstück für die Aufsätze abgebrochen, sodass wir die wegwerfen mussten. Eine Kinderzahnbürste sollte einen Sturz schon abkönnen, Vorallem bei 70 Euro.

16 Oct 2021


Eine tolle Zahnbürste für meinen Sohn. Jetzt ist es ein Kinderspiel, ihn zum Zähneputzen zu bewegen. Auch der beleuchtete Bürstenkopf ist genial. Und meinen Sohn gefällt am besten die Musik. Sehr empfehlenswert!

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